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Find out our wholesale Guess watches listings, with new collections of wrist watches for man and woman, where you will find a wide choice of beautiful fashion models. Guess is a young and glamorous brand that since 1983 has established in the world of fashion and their watches confirm the love of the brand for an appealing look, full of color and light. Many of the women models are embellished with rhinestones that recall the style of Guess jewelery, with the main colors white and pink, for a touch of femininity and elegance. Straps are made of steel or leather, with only time and chronograph dials, and a wide choice of colors to build your look day by day. The watches are easy to match with other brand accessories such as handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, to complete an elegant style but at the same time dynamic and carefree. The watches are worn as jewelry to surprise and conquer. Guess is dedicated to women and girls of today, as they are active and committed in the study and work, and love to travel and the night life, they want to feel beautiful every time. Also the brand pays attention the men's world, and in our wholesale Guess watches you will find many models with trendy design, suitable for men and guys who choose carefully their clothing and they want a great interesting watch. Guess watches are precious and refined, with quartz movement, analog dial, made with the best care for long-lasting, and water-resistant. Choose among the best Guess watches available in our catalog at a great wholesale price, and you will satisfy every need, be sure to buy a sophisticated brand, recognizable and well publicized, with a young and trendy image. Enter the section to view the available models.