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Timberland has a long history behind it. The brand, in fact, has its roots in the production of handmade shoes and especially its famous boots.Timberland's design and creation of timepieces begins with the brand's focus on robust materials, practicality, and high quality. Timberland watches, for these characteristics, are particularly appreciated by those who love the outdoors, the open and free spaces.Wearing a Timberland watch is like having a piece of wild nature on your wrist. In fact, all the products are made with an ethical vision aimed at protecting people and the environment. Timberland has focused all its attention on the values of outdoor life. Timberland watches, with their resistant materials and their unique style, allow the wearer to make the most of urban life experience.The social experiences that you undertake every day can bring modern man everywhere, from the city to the mountains, from the hard work in the office to the long afternoons of relaxation and for this reason the look must adapt to every kind of situation. Timberland watches are a must for the fashionable man who does not want to give up a touch of class in his style. They are sports watches but at the same time refined and can be worn every day or on a particular occasion. Inspired by the natural heritage and the new urban frontiers around the world, Timberland watches celebrate the adventure of everyday life. The classic meets modern, nature meets the city, work in the office meets sport and the outdoors: in Timberland watches, everyday life is reinvented and different needs come together. All this and more you can find it by browsing our gallery.