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Created to help survive in difficult conditions, the Swiss Military Hanowa watches are ideal companions for those who like to discover, travel and live an adventurous life. SWISS MILITARY HANOWA collection is a perfect blend of traditional Swiss art, aesthetic design and functionality. Thanks to the quality of materials and the palette of elegant high quality colors, Swiss watches HANOWA MILITARY are ideal for active people and constantly looking for new emotions and sensations. Hanowa Swiss watches have a distinctive style that combines aesthetics extremely Sturdy and high precision with a variety of shapes and colors. As the name suggests, the Hanowa Swiss military brand is inspired by the Swiss Army with a strong focus on strength, robustness, resistance, precision, and ability to maintain functionality even under extreme conditions. The Swiss cross, in fact, is placed on every watch, guaranteeing the highest quality of the Swiss watchmaker tradition. The entire Swiss Military Hanowa collection has been equipped with high-quality Swiss ISA quartz mechanisms that ensure accuracy and precision. They come with luminescent hands, chronograph, date, and index. Protected by a sapphire crystal, this watch is waterproof up to 100 meters deep. The robustness of production materials, scratch-resistant glass and waterproof up to 100 meters allow anyone wearing a watch from the collection to be able to control the world in every circumstance of place and time. In our Swiss Military Hanowa wholesale website, you will find all the models of this fabulous collection. Our wholesale Swiss Military Hanowa watches, in fact, has completely embraced the philosophy of the brand by offering in its catalog the high-quality materials and the precision of the Swiss watch craft tradition. If you want to live a lifetime to the limit, letting you just drive from the reliability of your wristwatch, enter in our wholesale Swiss Military Hanowa watches and look at our models at wholesale prices.