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In the Mondaine collections the two Swiss emblems, watches and trains, blend into perfection creating specials and unique accessories. The Swiss brand, today widely known among wrist watch lovers, was born in 1944 by the intelligence of designer Hans Hilfiker, an employee of Swiss Federal Railways, who, drawing inspiration from the watches used at the Swiss railway stations, created an accessory that then became the official Swiss railway watch. The idea of Hilfiker was absolutely revolutionary for that time. The watch, in fact, was conceived with a white background with black notches and straight and linear design hands. The absolute novelty consisted in the second's hand: long red and ending with the famous ball which then became the distinctive sign of the Mondaine brand. The purpose of the Swiss designer was to work out an accessory that was discreet, soft, fluent and harmoniously formulated and logically ordered.Beyond its linear design, the exceptionality of Mondaine watches lies in their remarkable quality and precision electronic mechanism. The uniqueness of this watch, then, is that are marked 58 seconds instead of 60.This is because the long red handball ball stops for two seconds at the end of every minute at the most extreme point of the clock, giving the illusion that time has stopped. The unmistakable world-famous Mondaine timepiece collection is available online at our online wholesale watches. The ingenuity and simplicity of Mondaine watches is covered by the 100% Swisse made, international guarantee. Thanks to their clean aesthetics, they will be a delightful wrap around for your wrist. The Mondaine collection of our wholesale watches represents an absolute surprise for the lovers of the wristwatch. Enter in our site and find out all Mondaine watches. Buy your new online watch at really competitive prices.