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HEAD, company leader in the manufacturing and sale of sports equipment, has recently launched an entire line of watches designed for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, in general. The line consists of 10 different models, including 5 analog models with a classic style and 5 digital ones with a sporty style and high technology. The analog models, although characterised by a classic style, actually have an innovative design. Depending on the model, they feature fine wood inserts or steel on the strap or on the ring of the dial. Instead, the digital models, specifically designed for sport, have many useful features, such as timer, chronometer, barometer, altimeter, pedometer and much more. There are two main reasons behind the idea to design HEAD watches: compete in a highly competitive international market, as the current one is, as well as meet the needs of professional sportsmen and, in general, of all people who like practising sport and want a high-performance and functional watch. Depending on a person's needs, it is possible to opt for an analog or a digital model. A digital HEAD watch will certainly be more suited for practising sports as it will help athletes to monitor their entire workout. An analog HEAD watch will be perfect for everyday activities, as there will not be a need for many functionalities; in addition, the classic style of these models makes them suitable for any outfit. No matter what customers choose though, whether they opt for an analog model or a digital model, they can be sure of one thing: all HEAD watches are lightweight, durable and have an original design. Our company, to diversify the offer and provide a greater choice of the most popular and successful brands, has the entire HEAD watches collection in its online catalogue. By registering your company on our website and browsing the brand section, you will have the opportunity not only to view all models but also have access to special wholesale prices.