Stock Watches

If your business would like to stock watches so you have an array of great choices available to every client who comes in off the street or visits your website, it’s time for you to get to know Italjapan. We offer stock watches at great prices that you can resell for a significant profit, benefiting everyone involved. We’re 100 percent committed to providing you the best possible prices for big-name wrist watches from brands you’ll recognize. And we also provide expert service you simply can’t get elsewhere.

Turn to us for casual watches, dress watches and fashion watches for every member of the family. We can help your company stock watches for men, women and children without you having to spend a fortune to get your inventory up. If you have a valid VAT certificate, contact us to set up your private account. That’s the key to unlocking the very best prices and special deals that are a lot better than what our so-called competitors are offering.

We offer products provided to us by Casio, Seiko, Timex and other major brands including Michael Kors, Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Swiss Eagle, Nautica and Guess. We get great prices from these makers because we help them out by taking clearance offerings, overstocks and other special lots that they want to clear out to make room for other products. Our relationships with these manufacturers have developed and strengthened over our more than 30 years in the wholesale watches business.

When you have stock watches ready for your customers to examine and perhaps take home with them, you’re increasing your chances of making a sale and helping your company prove it’s an established provider of quality watches. The wholesale watches we offer at substantial savings to you are just the thing to fill up your shelves. Can we get started on an order for you now?

With Italjapan you can find stock watches. We sell:

  • Casual Watches
  • Dress Watches
  • Fashion Watches
  • Wrist Watch
  • Men Watches
  • Womens Watches
  • Kids Watches
  • Automatic Watches

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