Hugo Boss / Highbrow timepieces

Hugo Boss is one of the market leaders in the premium and luxury fashion world offering an attractive collection of wrist watches for men and women. Watches from Hugo Boss are defined by their stylish casings, well-designed faces and comfortable bands.
Hugo Boss watches stand out for comfortable straps, elegant design and quality of materials. The German brand is beloved around the world for men and women high fashion items, and its watches show up as must-have item for an excellent look in every detail.
Among the several models of analog wrist watches available, of course we can appreciate those dedicated to elegant man, where black is the main color that enhances the clean and essential design. The high quality materials confirm Hugo Boss passion for precious items with straps made of genuine top quality leather, sapphire crystal, and stainless steel case combined with the enamel dial. Many models are available in chronograph or only time version.
Outstanding vintage pieces 70’s style, with brown leather straps and round or rectangular stainless steel case, white or brass colored, for a timeless feel. Even in the most casual and sporty models, for example with the multifunctional dial with analogic calendar display, large numbers and hands for best visibility, Hugo boss does not leaves out the style and provide the watch with unique design and shape.
We can find high quality also for models with stainless steel bracelet, chronograph and tachometer, robust and resistant in all conditions. In addition, the Swiss Made Quartz movement ensures accuracy and reliability for a precise and everlasting watch even after so many years.
Hugo Boss watches are dedicated to those who love luxury and want to wear only top class items, this is why the collections are always simple and elegant with a careful matching of colors, with a design by the targeted and linear proportions. Thanks to the quality of the materials they are comfortable and suitable to be worn throughout the day and during all the commitments. Wearing a Hugo Boss watch is to choose a fashionable watch.