We would herewith like to advise that, from today June 21st ­ 2016 on Italjapan S.r.l. changes its VAT number, from the old “10158600154” to the new:


You need also to update our bank account detail from bank account n° 010000002003 to the new one:

IBAN: IT41 D030 3240 0210 1000 0002 943 – SWIFT: BACRIT21572

Headquarter, telephone numbers, mail addresses and web site will stay the same ones than before.

Please proceed with our VAT number replacement on all the accounting documents head to Italjapan, from June 21st ­ 2016.

This change is the result of a corporate re­organization process led by our company, with the purpose of a corporate management efficiency improvement.
Our goal is to increase the level of our service and the products range. Please feel free to contact us for every possible need.
Thank you very much for your attention about this matter.

Best regards
Domenico Monopoli