HEAD Balance fitness tracker

Great comeback The market of fitness tracker watches today represents a large share of the wristwatch market. It is a sector full of models with different technical and aesthetic characteristics depending on the brand they belong to. There are those suitable mainly for sporting activities and those with a not typically sporty design that makes […]

Citizen New Models exclusive from Japan

If you’re looking for functionality first of all, then Citizen is the brand for you. While for most watchmakers the functionality is just a “something extra”, that is a superfluous aspect, for Citizen the functionality and the performance represent the strong point and this is why a Citizen watch is far superior compared to many […]

New Seiko models

Seiko is one of the oldest and most important wristwatch manufacturers in the world. The watchmaking house from 1881, the date of its foundation, has become a reference point for the research of new technologies and modernization, influencing with its philosophy of innovation, the entire watch-making market. Seiko watches possess a large variety of collections. […]