Calvin Klein new models

Our company, leader in the wristwatch industry, with a view to offering a more and more favorable, comprehensive and profitable service to its customers, has recently introduced a new section in its wholesale wristwatches website where weekly are inserted offers very advantageous and not to be missed. Thus, the new section “Week of the week” […]

New arrivals Roberto Cavalli by Frank Muller Gianfranco Ferrè

The Collaboration between the world of watchmaking and high fashion is now something consolidated. Numerous high-fashion houses have launched themselves in the watch sector with tremendous success thanks to the combination of their style and the cutting-edge technology of Swiss watchmakers. Undoubtedly, these collaborations include Roberto Cavalli – Frank Muller: a meeting between two excellence, one […]


HEAD, a brand known especially among sports lovers, has recently launched a new collection of watches designed exclusively for those who practice sports at a professional level or simply live sport as a passion. Among the lines recently launched by the brand, HE-006 Backhand is certainly one of the most representative, along with HE-007 Grip […]